like other copywriters, only good.

Here’s a few brands I prepared earlier.



For mattress company Hugo, we started with a tone of voice workshop. This wasn’t the usual ‘What would your product say if it could speak?’ branding nonsense. It was more the ‘Let’s make your product sound cool’ method of copywriting.


intrepid travel

Intrepid wanted something fun and conversational that ticked off their key USPs. I streamlined their old About section, wrote new page copy and avoided the phrase ‘hidden gem’ wherever possible. The result? Clicks are up. Clichés are down.



RMIT University got in touch with a problem: they were launching gazillions of new tech-related short courses, but there was no-one to actually write the damn things. Long story short – I wish I’d done this job before investing in Bitcoin.


red door project

Red Door Project are a boutique construction firm, based in Melbourne. They build the sort of houses you usually see on Pinterest boards. I was hired to paint sensuous word pictures and make interior design sound less wanky. Challenge accepted.


netball australia

Australia’s national Netball organisation needed a new website. Something really simple for kids, parents, athletes, umpires and assorted hangers-on. I applied some zinc cream, chucked on a bib and got to work. Shotgun Goal Attack.


ritual hockey

Ritual Hockey don’t just make hockey sticks. They make the best hockey sticks known to science. Seriously, you could re-enter Earth’s atmosphere on one of these Kevlar-carbon beauties. My job was to make them sound the way they looked.


Freelancers. Because agencies are really expensive.